Who is the Father of MMA

Mixed Martial Arts has a storied history, but many fans don't realize that Pittsburgh was the origin of modern MMA as a regulated sport thirty years before UFC was a household name.  Frank Caliguri and Bill Viola the C & V in CV Productions Inc. -- The original father of MMA in America. Godfathers of MMA "The Birth of an American Sport" is a complete history of MMA in the United States before the UFC. visit www.cvproductionsinc.com or www.pittsburghmma.com for more info © Pittsburgh MMA Inc. MMA is the sport of the 21st century: WOW Promotions popularized it, SEG Entertainment refined it, Zuffa LLC monetized it, but CV Productions created it. CV Productions introduced open regulated mixed martial arts competitions to the United States March 20, 1980 in Pittsburgh, PA with the inaugural “Battle of the Tough Guys” championship. This was the first commercial MMA success and the beginning of a new sport.

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